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 Hey Melissa,

Just wanted to let you know that the cake was absolutely incredible, by far the best gluten free cake I have ever had! My Mum, who has been celiac for over 20 years, was completely blown away and everyone was raving about how amazing it was and could not say enough good things. I will definitely be a repeat customer!!

-Melissa Sidwell

Dear Melissa,
Everybody LOVED the cake. It was just perfect. The colors and flowers and decorations were beautiful! The cake was so delicious and was a very big conversation topic. We've told everyone about you. I can't believe you've been doing this so long and we've just discovered you now. We wanted to give you all a huge thank you and let you know we're excited about the next one already! Thanks soooo much!! 

-Dana & Jon Carlson, Kaslo, BC

Oh my gosh! Your cakes were beyond!! Thank you so much, people were raving about them all weekend, and they are truly the gift that keeps on giving as we keep taking forkfuls every time we pass the kitchen. ;)



Have to tell you that I heard more than one comment about this being the best cake people have ever had.

-Rose S


Hi Melissa, Thank you for the beautiful and delicious cakes! They looked so pretty sitting up on the log cake platters. There was a little bit leftover after the wedding so we enjoyed cake for breakfast for a couple of days (: it was great working with you. Thanks for delivering and making everything SO easy for Corbin and I. 

-Amy Fowler 


Omg Melissa, the dessert was devoured!!! So much that we didn't get any! I found a cupcake and a brownie the next morning on the cleanup route. But that is all. It was divine. I don't even know what you put it in. Crack?  Just kidding.  And thank you so much. It was truly amazing. Thank you again. You are truly amazing and I shall recommend you to everyone. It was simply perfect.
-Rita and Chris.


Dear Melissa,
My wife recently purchased a Salted Caramel cake in celebration of my birthday, and I'm writing to let you know how much I enjoyed it. I've previously had a few bites of your cakes shared by generous friends, but this was the first time I had one for myself. Well, not entirely for myself, of course, since it was shared in the party on Sunday. Happily, there were a few pieces left over! You bring a great gift to the Nelson area and have now one more enthusiastic fan.

All blessings, Kabir


Your cake was so beautiful and so delicious. It amazes me how clean and not uber-sweet all of your combinations are - always such great flavors that compliment each other well. There is so much love and so much fine palate in your baking. We so appreciate you! Ahna & Tim


I just moved to Nelson a couple of months ago and Thursday night I had a small gathering with my new friends for my birthday. My friend got me one of your cakes and I am pretty sure that your cake made us better friends. That was the most delicious cake I have ever eaten! Ummm, and it was dairy and gluten free! I was just so impressed and happy! Thank you very much for the decadent Birthday experience! I will certainly be recommending your business at any chance I have! "Oh you finished you assignment, you should get a cake." "Oh, you lost 5lbs! You need a cake." "Oh you emptied the litter box without me asking you! You need a cake"
Thanks again!

Thank you so much for the wedding cake, we loved it! The lemon cake has always been my absolute favorite and to have it on our big day made with so much love was incredibly special and it was gorgeous! So special to be surprised by my parents with the gift of the same cake on our one year wedding  anniversary.
-Aspen Switzer


I just wanted to say the cakes were FABULOUS…and a HUGE hit!  Loved by all and no leftovers!!!! And your buttercream Lemon cake – when you converted it to GF for me – it was absolutely delicious and no one could tell that it was GF until I mentioned it afterwards!

-Laura Neigel


Thanks again for that amazing cake last night! It was the star of the party!


Thank you for the beautiful and most delicious cake last week!
It was the best we have had in the world so far


I LOVE Epiphany Cakes!  -Lelainya


I'm not a huge dessert lover but every year I make sure to get a quinoa cake for m'lady on her birthday and we have never been disappointed. Melissa is a cake artist. Highly recommended! -Matt


The Chocolate Peanut Butter Cake was amazing. I love the balance between chocolate and peanut butter, my favourite.  It was great to share with my kids who loved it too. Thanks again for making everything the best. -Glenna


Melissa,  The cake was sensational. A huge hit. Thanks very much!

- Lee


Hello Melissa!! Thank you so much for absolutely delicious cupcakes and a gorgeous and to die for wedding cake! You did an amazing job and all of our guests were raving about your desserts! We will recommend you to everyone!  

-Lauren Smith


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